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Bell 205 Falling Off Jack's

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I don't work at this particular company, nor have I ever, but I would never make an asinine comment like that, chalking up this incident to "karma" which indicates they deserved what happened. I know a lot of very good, quality people that work there, and no matter what your opinion is of the ownership, if that is in fact what you're implying, you should remember that all of the worker bees there are simply trying to earn a living just like you and I.


Kevin McCormick

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If someone had been killed or severley injured, would that be karma? Stupid comment.

Ment no disrespect to the people that work there, sorry. I'm just not fond of some of the business ethics the owner undertakes.

I'll think twice before i hit "post" next time.

Hope no one was injured in the incident.

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