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300 Crash

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ITT MEADOWS (NEWS1130) Their helicopter is now under water, but two men aboard escaped relatively unharmed after a crash yesterday afternoon.

Theres no word what caused the small chopper to plunge to the ground, roll onto a riverbank and then sink into the north end of Pitt Lake.

The two men inside escaped with only minor injuries and were quickly located by a nearby military helicopter that happened to be training nearby.

The Cormorant was up training at the time near Texada, so he was tasked to proceed to that location.Got on scene, saw the helicopter rolled over on its side in the riverbed, says Captain Ray Jacobson with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

Fortunately, everything was quick. It was probably, until the time we got the call from the helicopter being on-scene, was about 30 minutes, he adds.

The pair had walked a short distance from the crash and were quickly found. They were airlifted to Abbotsford Hospital.

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Really well this one says next to zero about the incident. The only information on this is who owned the aircraft and the Ident of it. Other then that it says it went on a site seeing tour and it had an accident. Doesn't say if it was inflight and had a failure. Or if was landing and hit something.

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