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Reliance Production Optimization

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I too would appreciate knowing this information! There was a recent ad for production operator/pilot (R22) that evaporated long before the "posted until date". Apparently the only way to apply was via online HR service and the link was broken (something along the lines of posting no longer available).


Without actually spending money on a corporate record search, I did discover that the numbered company 1459567 Alberta Ltd., incorporated in March 2009 changed it's name to Reliance Production Optimization Ltd. effective March 2014. Multiple google searches failed to yield a corporate address and/or contact information. Lots of hits for job ads though.


Of the 21 R22's listed on the Canadian Civil Aircraft register, none are registered to either the numbered company, or Reliance.


This pilot needs a helicopter flying job (and I'm guessing the original poster does too). Any intel people are willing to share would be greatly appreciated!




tin lizzie

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I work for Reliance. Sorry it took so long to reply, my account was locked out for a while then I forgot.


We are a small company operating an R22 near Grande Cache. Our registration was hung up on some technicalities, so it was still registered in BC where we bought it.


Reliance has been around for 6 years though it had an Alberta Ltd name for the first 4 or so.


Not that I'm whining at you guys, but I've seen some snide comments about no company website and such when we were seeking applicants. There are A LOT of small (1-5 man) companies in Alberta. This is one of them. We recently acquired a helicopter to expand into helicopter operations. I find it strange how many people hate on small companies for not having the resources of CHC in advertising, recruiting and company image. I say a job is a job is a job. Especially if you are flying.


We had a job ad posted in a few places because we were expecting a vacancy to open up within a few months. Well, we were wrong about a few months and had to make an immediate hire. So the job has been filled.


We were looking, and I'm sure are still interested in, collecting resumes from people who have oil field experience. Minimum flight requirement is 100 hours but we would also prefer someone with more experience. Being a relatively low time pilot myself, trust me when I say I know how much it sucks that everyone wants more experience than 100 hours. That being said, sometimes we don't always get what we want, especially when we are in a bind.


i hope that answers some questions.



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Hey Jeff, how much oilfield experience you guys looking for ? I did a two year stint at big blue before they went in a lul and gained minimum flying time (50 hours) I then moved to Fort Mac and obtained my 4th class, did a 6 month work term at horizon and I am now employed at Syncrude process operating, I also have my PFO-A, plant operating is amazing money but I miss the helicopters.

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Ah, I see how that works now, these "oilfield operators" aren't actually aviation companies. Just looking at a bunch of R22's registered to "(insert name here) oilfield services" and they all seem to be privately registered. Does your company have an AOC or do you have a POC?

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