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Pilots leaving the industry

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Diaper_pin i couldn't agree more about people breaking their word. There are very few left anymore that will stick by their word our a hand shake. 

I may not have made myself clear. What bothers me is those large companies that don't want to train 100 hour guys and bring them up thru the ranks. They wait for the Mom and Pop shops to do that. Then they offer them medium endorsements and more money. 

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On 3/21/2018 at 6:55 AM, jullian said:

An electrican lives next door to me. He made 30 percent more than I did last year. If I wasn't too old I would be gone in a flash.

I am sure this will start a huge debate. Not sure whom the electrician i. Yes he probably spent every night at home in his bed. He also probably worked 49 weeks times 8 hours a day = 1,960 hours last year for that money. I doubt you flew 500 hours for 30% less.

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