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VMC flight into IMC


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This for Super Pilot,(in his own mind) seems to have pedophile tendencies.

If you are so smart and able to do anything, as a legend in your own mind, why not do the following:

Assuming the loggers take their lunch with them, why not load sleeping bags on board, and should the weather get worse, they can stay overnight.

 That way, should the weather be clear, the next day you can safely go and pick them up with out any problem.

Watching your video from takeoff to landing you were over water most of the time, should you have an engine out, you would have all drowned.

Then the investigation begins, the lawyers just love something like that. Company goes bankrupt and the insurance company wont pay any thing and your estate is sued for negligence.

Have you ever heard of RISK MANAGEMENT.

 I pushed weather when I am the only one on board.

Passengers are liabilities.


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Truth hurts, get sometime in. You dont seem to be doing much flying as you have more time telling people on this site how great you are and how stupid every every one else is.

You do not provide anything worth while to this site, so take some time off and get an ULTRA SOUND to see if there is an actual brain working and all the brain cells are really functioning, from what you are posting they dont seem to be.

Get help and possibly you can become a good person.

Cheers and say hello to the Doc and tell him I sent you.

We will communicate again when you are better.




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I’d like to thank you for bringing to light the elephant in the room....the mental health of the contributors to this thread.

I was urged to commit suicide by no less than two posters (one said I should die twice!) after just two painfully sarcastic comments on an open opinion forum. Unfortunately this is characteristic of the bully culture all too prevalent in this industry.

I fear for the mental health of these individuals, and hope there is a silver lining in bringing their inadvertent cries for help to the light.

Thankfully you have come around to see things from my perspective, and offer a message of support and good will to those troubled men.

Merry Christmas, and peace be with you all in this time of love and generosity 

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