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Could This Happen In Canada

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Following closely the tragic events in Australia, what do we do better here to prevent such an occurrence. Alpine has a pretty much impeccable record at Canmore and Stoney Nakoda, Niagara had an incident in 1992 where a 206 collided with an American registered 500. Lives were lost in the American machine where the Canadian machine was landed in a parking lot.

Im interested in everyone's opinion and RIP to all who were lost in this terrible events. 🤕🤕

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If it happened at Niagara's location, I would be very surprised. With one pad and staggered flights running the same route, the aircraft departing is on its way out of the area while the other is inbound. They follow certain paths in and out, so someone would have to botch that process bad to be coming in the wrong way, or wrong altitude. There's pretty specific rules for American and Canadian air traffic.

Only when its busy with all aircraft flying do you occasionally see an aircraft holding in a hover while waiting for one to depart.

Anything is possible though, thats what makes accidents happen.



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I was working on a very large fire in Alberta about 20 years ago. We were flying left hand circles (206) with one forestry officer

that was directing the several mediums bucketing at the lowest level. Other crews were being ferried back and forth above them

and we were circling above both of these traffic flows down below. As we came around one of these many orbits we had a very close

encounter with an unknown Astar that was flying at cruise speed transiting the fire zone. It was about the same altitude and we probably

only missed each other by maybe 2 - 300 meters.  I spent some time thinking about how fortunate we all were to have avoided the shear

horror of a midair like that and still do.. I am sure a few others out there have had similar uncomfortably close encounters, known or unknown

or maybe ones that required immediate action in smoke or low visibility to avoid a possible collision.

Re Niagara, this is a bit off topic but they also had 2 helicopters exchange rotor systems on the ground in a collision between a G2 and a G4

right in front of the old fuelling pump. I think one machine had just landed and the one beside it started up and the blades hit each other during

a cyclic control check. Others may know more about it but I was told this happened the summer before our class trained there so maybe 1975/6.

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