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R-22 Training Crash


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Thanks for the words of encouragement guys.


Things are getting better. Put in 1.8 today and the pucker factor was only a 9.9. You are absolutely correct when you mentioned it is not a video game. Crashing on flight sim, while cheaper, doesn't even scratch the surface of what a real wreck does to man and machine. I am believing now that this will help me become a better pilot. In fact if it wasn't so **** dumb/dangerous/expensive I would recommend everyone try it.


On second thought... just take my word for it.


RW aka DR Crash

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Excellent work my man! Told you that hover looked great! Welcome to the world of the helicopter pilot my friend. Guess this means I owe you even more beer now. Keep it up amigo!

PS. I like the nick-name change to Phoenix. "Dr. Crash" is dead!


PPS. Ask Bob if there are any more momentos from HSC that I can add to my collection. The left seat's cyclic is lonely on my desk hehe.

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You are right to think about terra firma when flying. Somebody once told me you should always try to stay in the middle of the air when flying. The edges of the air are generally populated by trees, buildings, water, earth/rock, interstellar space, etc, and flying there is always riskier. ;)

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