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This shows just who is who on this forum...............


407......spending his hard earned money that is honestly made in this very tough industry, and offering to by the rest coffee


and then CTD............ tsk tsk tsk, our money fallen outa his pockets, and he is still looking for more

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I consider the source, and in this case, the source is no clear mountain spring - more like a broken sewage pipe.


However, if you want to get a posse together, I would like to participate in his punishment.box.gif

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Hmmm, 24 to 263, sounds about even fire-power I'd say 9.gif


But seriously, You'd have to compare apples to apples for a more fair comparison, ie B2's or B3's sold (but not "given" to federal forces) since 1996.

The numbers of old D's and B's sold since 1978 is a bit irrelevant...unless you want to compare performance too? I'd put my 407 against any B model, any day any place.





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I just had to tell you all again,

Obviously you have forgotten that the 300CB is the best, there can be no doubt about it!!

Now I don''t have anything to really compare with, but, you know I''m right

  All you need to do is ask RDM, an he will explain. He was in for a visit on saturday, while you gys were out at the convention getting sloshed!!


Hope all went well!!

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Too bad the Astar and 407 don''t sound like helicopters.  I''ll take my old, 2 bladed Bell medium any day of the week thank you very much !!    It has the look, size and sound of a real helicopter.  Besides, I can even take 14 of my closest friends with me when I travel. 
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