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Bad Helicopter Season

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hi there!


I have heard from a couple of helicopter pilots that this year is one of the worsest in the last years!!

Can anyone tell me why this is?,and how the situation for low time pilots is?Is it worser then in the last years?




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Worser than watching bad paint dry.

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I suspect our friend Toni speaks a language other than English as his langue de mere, n'est-ce-pas? Therefore, his grammatical transgressions may be forgiven.


But you guys, since you started it...



- It's grammar, not grammer,

- In "Digression to Follow", follow should not be capitalized.


And Elvis should have said, "The last time I looked in one of the books of words, neither  worser, nor worsest were there."



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eloquent as always CTD....... (S%$T..did i spell that right??!! )


as to the topic, yes, it is a VERY slow fire year. i have been out for 3 weeks and have only actioned one fire that was put out in one day................


as to the question about low time guys getting in? i would say yes, it''s tougher but still not impossible. don''t give up....


on the bright side, what doesn''t burn this year adds to the fuel for next...

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ahhh, 412D, what doesn''t burn this year is fuel for next makes you sound like a saskatchewan roughrider football fan!! the optimism is right on!!!


you still in edson?? i started my ppl there in ''79 flying tomahawks at edson air services!!! had to keep an eye out for okie''s 61 flying miners out to luscar!!!

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Holy jeepers, there''s a place I haven''t heard of in a while!!!!!!!!!! Been there a time or two myself albeit not in a 61!!!!!!!!!!


Am happy to report this side of the Pacific showing no significant fire activity so far. Good thing too although consumption of various fluids is enough to put out most flammable situations.


Right, must continue recreating prior to "work"!!!!


Keep it level 412 Dude.

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toni, your welcome.


twinstar, no, i have been moved up to loon river.....


decu, remember loon? north of red earth? that''s like saying "remember your assh*&e? north of that ''rroid?"


the bugs were worse last night than i have EVER seen. it was BRUTAL. so i prayed God to smite all those evil bloodsuckers. woke up this morning to an arctic front come down with ice pellets, sleet, snow and.....


NO MORE FIRES!!!!! be careful what you wish for.........









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