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Unionize The Whole Damm Industry


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By all means "unionize" or form "associations" up the ying-yang......and more power to you, BUT you aren't going anywhere with that until you solve the over-supply of a/c and companies. As long as 206's are going-out the door for $499/hr for a 3 year, 300 hr total and 212's are doing the same for $1,475/hr for 85 hours over one summer, then you STILL have a problem. Ahhhhhhhhhh, but a union will set the wages and conditions and then those companies that do those "hair-brain" things will cease to exist. Really? Would you care to count how many helicopter firms are owned by someone in another industry and are used as a "tax write-off" by that firm/person. Those that aren't, will fail and their employees will be "out on the street" looking for new positions with a now-shrinking number of positions available. So you fix one problem and in so-doing, create another. Again, the problem starts with the question.......how come we have so many pilots and companies looking for so little work? Are those two problems associated or are they two separate issues to be addressed? Is it because there is so-little work or is it because the work is ample but the supply of companies and bodies exceeds the demand? If that's the case, then how did it get that way and how can it be cured and when did it start so that we don't go that way again?

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Cap, when I mentioned the term 'industry old-timers' all the guys I was thinking about were over 60. So I guess that would put them into your birthday and experience range. :)


One thing I have noticed in the last year is there seems to be a shortage of experienced pilots, In the long-line side of the business anyway. Plus, I have actually seen some pay increases recently as have many of my friends. Usually due to experienced drivers leaving for more money and the company trying to do loss control.


My prediction is that over the next 10-20 years, as baby-boomers retire. The amount of experienced helicopter pilot's will just get lower and lower. The industry pay will eventually fix itself from supply and demand. Companies won't have pilots or engineers, but will have work, so the pay will be raised to attract the talent. The rates will have to come up as well to pay the employees.


It's my theory anyway... Time will tell if I'm right I guess.

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Jet B ----so what you're saying, is that in the near furture sometime, that there will be fewer pilots with the attrition that takes place and therefore that will drive-up the wages for everyone? What about all the students still "coming down the "chute" faster than the old farts like me are retiring. What are guys like Ryan supposed to do while your plan is working itself out. I'll be very upset if I hear Ryan and his peers have a "contract" out on my senior ***. Remember, the number of students trained for the industry has no "connect" to the numbers required...........and never has......and on the F/W side also. There's a total "disconnect" between the two realms.


Let's assume for the moment though, that you get to be right somehow in the future. Now "O wise-one" :D , you still have a problem with the number of companies that exist. You still got too many wanting a larger and larger piece of the same pie and you have many of them that will do whatever they have to, to get that larger piece. Some company owners with some real "backbone" aren't willing to play that game and they are or will be hurting "big time" and won't be hiring even a janitor. Don't say bring back "Regulation" again because that makes you "antiqated", perhaps a "cult leader", a "reactionary bourgoise" maybe or part of the "owners club" even........and God...you don't want that. Remember also that anything "new" is considered better and anything "old" is consider out-dated or doesn't work anymore.........according to what I understand anyway. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's true though and steal from the past if you want to to fix this problem. I have a solution, but it's too "Right Wing" for most and doesn't "fly" (pardon the pun). :lol:

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30% and holding strong


Anybody know of any companies out there that are hiring pilots for contract work( without a real contract of course) or even full time employee ( without the seasonal layoff.) Oh thats right , that considered " contract seasonal "Wouldn't it be better just to avoid all confusion and state claerly to new pilots that its a seasonal game. This way they won't be disallusioned when they get the annual ROE. :shock:


A union will clairify many of the deceptive hiring practices. I'd like to point out the the Quebec consortium are notorious for dolling out the big full time carrot and then retract it as soon as they got you in. Talk about deceptive hiring practices! :down:


All it takes is a few crooks and the others are dragged down, So internaly regulate ? :blink:

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30% of thoise that voted shows a concern for conditions in the work place, sure there are 1500 members, I would hope that given the fact its a democracy those who see the poll at least vote. Good on you for voting!


H ;)


Please PT don't be a Nabob of negativity!


VOTE ON :up:

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