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Fish's right. Lets leave this to Matt, take your arguement somewhere else, this isn't about who's flight school is better, it's about a young kid having the time of his life and sharing it with us. Have some respect.




Enjoying the blog Matt, hope you're having fun.



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412- I can guarantee(SP?) that Matt has done his reasearch, I do not see him putting himself in a situation where his training will be lacking in any area.


Matt- You must be flying alot (or mabey had an accident with some stairs haha) because im jonesin for your thread haha. Lets see, tomorow should push about hour 15 or 16 of your training, you must be knockin on solo's door.


I haerby declare this thread "unhijacked"

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

Hey Matt....I trained at E&B......Great school that flys very good equipment....They got me off to a very good start and I haven't looked back since.... :up:

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A pretty interesting week, we had 2 days of no flying, which were the first of the course, due to weather so we done ground school on those days it was nice to get back into the swing of ground school, and I also got my new, well used but new to me, Helmet, a Gentex SPH-5 that I bought from a pilot friend I worked with at a company before I started flight training, the helmet is great, I have heard the SPH-5 "Will Make your neck muscles strong" well so far in the 3 flights I have worn it with, I can barely notice it their, but I guess once I am working I will most likely notice it after a 8.0 hour day, well none the less, its a very nice helmet and I will be keeping it for a long time.


The past week has consisted of again, working in the circuit, transitions, side-wards, and rearwards flight, take off's and landings and approaches as well, as well as auto's. I have also been doing the majority of the take off's and landings from the hanger (The hanger is not located at the Airport) those are fun to do and a rewarding feeling when you have done them very well.


On Friday, my flight in the morning, I thought was not so good, especially my landings I would sit for 30-45 seconds just stabilizing myself in the hover before I started lowering collective, to land. I thought the flight was crap to put it plainly, but a ops manager once told me "Somedays, your feet and your hands arnt gonna do what you want them to do, and you will be all over the place, and you will want to give up, you will have those days, everyone does, and it does not matter how good you are, but you just gotta keep at it, and keep going" . So I remembered that quote and kept on going, and that afternoon I was flying with the CFI, and I felt much better about the 2nd flight that day, I was much much more smoother and controlled the machine instead of the machine controlling me and the CFI even commented on seeing improvement from the beginning of the flight to the end of the flight.


So Friday and the week ended off on a good note, with a feeling of accomplishment and I could see somewhat of a improvement, so hopefully this coming week, I will be getting close to knocking on "Solo's" door, I got all my Pre-Solo work finished (exams).


So the week mainly consisted, of again just refining everything we have done so far, with the T/O's, landings, approaches, circuits, auto's, sidewards/rear flight, and hovering, as for the agenda next week, I am told will be most of the same things but also doing more emergencies, those will be exciting and challenging, and hopefully at some point, will be that first solo :prop: .


Finished off the week with if I recall correctly, about 14-15 hours.


Well that about finishes it off for this entry, once again sorry for the lateness of this entry, thanks for all the replies, and have a good day!


Stay tuned for the next edition of "Matt's Trianing Blog" from the west coast of BC, staring R22 Beta II's!! Geez, I gotta come up with some new lines.


Have a good day,


Matt, R22 PIC (Hopefully that will come true in the next week or so) :P :prop:

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Ah you're bringing back fond memories for me, and I'm sure every other pilot here Matt. I too had some F/W time and found it helped with the heli stuff. The instructor noticed it right away too. Getting more F/W time now doing the IFR training.... yuck. Gimme back my trusty R-22!


Have fun hombre, it'll all be over before you know it. Then you get to experience heli-withdrawl. But with the industry experience you have already hopefuly that won't be too long. :punk:

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Thanks for all the replies everyone, they are very much appreciated. Pretty short entry this week, got in 3 days of flying, and 2 days of no-flying due to the wonderful west coast weather we get during the week (then is CAVOK on the weekends.... :wacko: ) so we done ground school on the no-go flying days.


I am knocking on solo's door soon, maybe within the next 3 or 4 flights I will be having my first solo flight. Have been practicing the Engine failure in the hover and the engine failure in hover taxi, more Straight in/ 180/ S turn autos, starting to get those auto's down pretty well. The Engine failure in the hover, wow- thats a interesting maneuver to start performing for the first time, You definitely need cat like quick reflexes in that one, after a few "planned" failures, the instructor done a few "surprise" failures and it's amazing how quick putting doing the correct movements becomes a automatic reaction and you do it without even really thinking about it. The Engine failure's in hover taxi sure feel weird the first few times, but you got the hang over them quite easily, and again the correct movements become a reaction quite quickly and are done without thinking. I have also been doing all of the take off's, landings, and approaches from our base those are a good feeling when you make a nice approach and a decent landing. One thing I found was the longer you are sitting their in a hover, the worse it gets.


Everything else is coming along quite well and improving well, of course I always think things can be better and I keep working towards that, learning new things everyday even if I am not flying. First month is basically done, it's amazing how time flies when your having fun and learning, 1 month finished out of a 4 month course.


And I also finally had a classmate take some pictures of me coming in on approach and landing, and they are at this address:



Stay Tuned for the next edition of Matt's Training Blog....Special Edition: Matt's First Solo! :up:

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