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Industry Self-management

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I am hoping that a lot of you out there can look at the bigger picture of what HEPAC can become.

What some of us are trying to build, is an association that will have some credibility......and quite frankly, that will have to come from it's membership. I am hoping that a lot of the C.P.s and D.O.M.s out there, would think of their position(s), as a building block between HEPAC and ownership.... "not", choosing sides.

The purpose of HEPAC is to build a unified voice, and to assist developement in any future changes that will be affecting the industry for years to come. Also one of it's goals would be to work "with", the HAC and TC.

Let's face it, when SMS is fully integated into our industry, it will be the flight crews, that will have to put "it" into pratice, on a daily basis, out in the fields.........so why would anyone think, that we should "not", have any input into this?


I have been studying industry self management at great lengths also, especially what the CBAA (POC) has developed, It is proving to be a good model for the helicopter industry to follow. I would like to believe that if the HAC, was handed the responsibility for industry self management, they would be as responsible and thorough.

Is there a possibility of "conflict of interest", well in theory, I suppose so, but independent audits can help lessen that possibility, and perhaps HEPAC, working in conjuntion with the HAC could provide good stewardship.

It was mentioned on this thread about "afraid of change", well actually that is partially true, and a lot of it has been expressed by HAC members.


I will admit, I was taken aback by "not one" mention or, "not one" acknowledgement towards flight crews in the HAC -AOC, Industry Self-Management Feasibility Study........no mention of how our roles and responsibilities are to be defined or how we would be trained ?

Yes, it is only a preliminary study......but having acknowledged that, would "now" not be a good time, for "us " to have some input?


Look outside the box of what HEPAC could become.......I would love to see educational and training programs, that could develope and further the skills of new pilots and engineers , a library (databank) of information and resources for members to access, maybe a scholarship or two when funds are available. A pool of experience to be passed along..........what owner would not think any of that would not be beneficial? And how about "you"?

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