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Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!


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TRK in Langley back training again. Have an R44.


Thanks, will look into that!


would have expected to see a few pics by now, though!!!


Ill have to get ya one on monday as im on dial up and the upload feature kicks me out befor it finishes.


Today I went out and put in some hangar time cleaning some glue off old carpeted ares inside the 300, washed it, and cleaned up around the hangar.


Havin a complete blast so far. Cant believe im actually going to get paid to do all of this haha.



Cole :punk:

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Okay... I have made about 5 attempts to post this now haha.


Wednesday, November 28th, 2007, I got to the hangar at about 0730. 0800 Steve and Myself had rolled the helicopter out onto the pad and were ready for what was to be another dual flight.


Steve was up first. We were briefed on the flight, more of the same, circuits engine failures and approaches.


After refueling and talking to steve for a bit, he seemed as if something was up.


1100, It was my turn, we left the pad, standard departure abeam the powerlines. Climb to 3000 and head for Creston/Sutcliffe Airport. At the airport it was more circuits, switching up the targets on the field. The first departure was nice, headed down 15 nice and straight and then BAM! no more stove! Autorotation right to the ground, which at this point was alot like a skating rink. "Nicely done, continue one, a bit more right pedal at the bottom though." I heard from the right seat. Climbing out downwind, the throttles gone again, back to the intersection, dead on. Pick it back up, go for another circuit, power failure again!


One more circuit, this one flawless with the landing right on target. I look over to see Wendell half way out the door with his coffee saying "Have fun, If it quits, you know what to do!" :shock:


This was it, pick the helicopter back up, C of G feelsgood, RPM is 3100, 19 inches of manifold pressure... 3 inches less then the hover with the instructor which corresponds directly with the method we use to find available power, basically translates into about 80 pounds per inch of M.P.


Left clearing turn, only 45 degrees so as to avoid an instructor purée :blink: and then the takeoff. This was it, I have waited a solid 12 years, which may seem like nothing, but is a good 60% of my life, fot this moment. It felt great haha.


I decided to pull all 24.5 of the available M.P. to see what we could do with it... quick look inside to confirm 60 knots indicated, a glance over showed 1300 feet per minute! Circuit height in seconds.


I completed 3 solo circuits befor returning to pick up Wendell up outta the snow, and we headed home.


Later that day both Steve and Myself headed out to the airport solo for some more circuits, approaches, hovering, and the turn around the tail, befor heading to some confined areas, which, looking back, don't seem so confined anymore.


Everyday so far has brought a new area we are cleared to solo into for confined area practice, which all have many confined areas within them.


Each day adding a new element to what were doing with todays add-on being the higher elevation sloped areas on the side of a mountain to the west of duck lake. I was shown some different techniques and will be practicing them alone on monday morning.


Everything is coming along at a rapid rate... I think I packed on almost 20 hours this week alone! We have but 4 school weeks to go, with a break at christmas, and my flight test is on Jan 8th with my written sometime around the 18th of this month... wow, sometime around the 18th of this month... nope, say it twice and it still sounds really soon :unsure:


Our course is on schedule and has us both out of here on the 11th of Jan.


I really hope this works as I have been having internet problems for days now.



Cole :punk:

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Im not actually sure which one felt better... I mean, when I first solo'd an aeroplane I couldnt even drive AT ALL so being out on my own in an aircraft was a pretty huge milestone, this time though, knowing this has been a major part of my life for so long, finally getting to do it was amazing... next big milestone is in 2 weeks! Written exam.


After that its a week and a half break with the family back in YYF then a week of flying followed by the flight test on Jan 8th and the last little bit of jetranger time there after for what should be my last day on the 11th.


WOW that gives me 28 days or less in class until im done... wow. Anyone looking for a low time pilot? :bye:



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