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In a life and death situation, TC might turn and look the other way if nothing went wrong. In this case the girl was apparently home and walking around the next day. Minor injuries.



That used to be the case. Up until this accident happened and TC decided to get strict, even for medivac fligths.



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Being an arm chair quarterback, maybe the info passed onto the pilot was not correct. Maybe the PIC was told the girl would die with out an immediate evacuation. The Ground personel may have overreacted to the situation. Just call a heli syndrome. They RCMP on the ground and the SAR personal, probably had no idea the capabilities of that aircraft or its configuration. Not sure why they would load her like that.... :wacko:




What i was reminded of from this video


1. take a step back, slow down.


a. it's not your emergency


2. Have a plan.


3. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should....










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I'm with AR on this one, What I saw was completely ILLEGAL. Improper and uncertified stretcher installation, not securley fastened as per the TC regs.


The Pilot should be charged.


There's no need for cowboy antics in this day and age, especially from the Federal Police.


On a positive note, they never Tazered anyone.... (yet?)



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