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What Flight School Did You Get Your Licence At?


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I am just wondering what school all of you became pilots at and who was your flight instructor.


I went to Millenia Helicopters In Grande Prairie, Alberta

And Rick Erdmann was my instructor



I went to Chinook Helicopters, **** Wood was the instructor on the Bell 47G2, later was awarded the 76 hour Mountain and Advanced flight course at the Canadian Helicopters School in Penticton, Bill Foote on the 206B.



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Going back a few years, but.....


K.O. taught me to fly.


There isn't a day goes by when I fly that I don't get out of the helicopter and whisper under my breath..."Thanks KO, ya done good".


Where's he at anyway? I kinda miss the old bastage.



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I trained with Dominion Pegasus in 1974.


Vic Schiebler. We called him Miss Vicky but not to his face.


Bernt Fernung was the CFI.


Anabell Hoit.


Dave Marko.


John Carnie.


Tow guys I cant put faces to named Gunson and Williams.


And the irrepresible Bob Ough.


I trained with Steve Hannah, John Smiley, Bogdan Duderavich was in the paint shop from the previous session waiting for a machine. John Belankie although he will deny it. And others whose names escape me. Mike Lipp.


Good times. Okanagan bought them out just as i finished my training. They refused to hire any students. Bad luck for me as it was three years before I got my very own G4A and headed for the bush.

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Would you recommend training on the 47 over the R22?




I've been told that if you can fly the R22 smoothly (or as smooth as its humanly possible with that thing) you can fly anything smooth. If your a big guy though...maybe think 47.



And Blackmac.....Since when? (retired) congrats i guess. ;)

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