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Global Star Sat Phones

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<_< Get used to it for a while.....after talking with Globalstar, they will state that they are doing satellite maintenance for the next year. Sucks big time, as all our service pods are equipped, and my own is virtually useless...... :down:
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All summer here in Northern Ontario those phones sucked! You had to walk around like you were on star trek looking for signal, then if you found it, you had to bring your head to the phone or you would loose it :down: You can make a call from anywhere in the world except where you are standing at the present moment :D

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Pull your hair out trying to use them in the Arctic !! Get cut off all the time and can take forever even to get some coverage :down:




I had to use a Global Star on Victoria Island on an occasional basis. It would take over an hour to make a five minute call on a good day. Have to just love the reliablity. Good thing it wasn't a life and death situation. Iridiums were much more reliable, but not as clear. Better to be reliable and not clear than nothing at all. :):lol:




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