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I Hear A Huey Popping!

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I find that blade slap can be induced with flying technique, it seems a steep descent at about 80 mph would make the blades slap a little louder on a 206.


Probably the loudest I've ever heard was back when I was cojo in the 214. Hanging my head out the window watching the tail vs trees while yarding out an 8000lb + tronus, sounded like repetitive thunder 6 feet from my head. (I know, the max hook load is 8000lbs but #### happens and if you've ever experienced something like this you know what I'm talking about)


The condensation rings were a sight to behold as well




Gotta Love it

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There are 4-5 reasons why the 04/05/12 make lots of noise. Half of them can be induced and that was made so for a very, very good reason if one remembers what and where they orginally were produced.........noise can also be used to confuse. Lastly, the square blade tips magnify the low pressure systems created by the blade's path and the result is as Albert Ross stated. That is why that noise can be increased or lessened by weight, speed and descent profile. If one has a trained air, one will also know when an 04/05 is being "pushed" as far as A/S is concerned, REGARDLESS what is stated otherwise by the driver. That blade noise has been lessened in later years with the redesign of the blades where they are not square at the tip, but angular which also reduces the blade-following low pressure system and therfore quieter operation.

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Floggin' steam chickens for a number of years now. Never get tired of that sound.

In Somalia....they could hear us sometimes 35nm back.

With respect to confusion it causes...I can attest to that. Amongst both man and beast.

Whether it was purposely designed in or a desired by-product, I'd be interested in knowing.


Cheers from the jungle!

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It's also a tad bit like Cole's Whop, Whop, Whop thread, too.




Steam Chicken thread




I've only heard a Blackhawk in real life. *Sigh* :rolleyes: Divine. And I've only heard the sound of a Huey in sound-bite form from a pilot here who was actually flying it at the time, so the sound is from the cockpit. Hope to see and hear one myself in the future. :)

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