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Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!


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Solid mark on the Exam, now a Licensed Private pilot for the stiff wing side.


Getting really close to this whole moving and training move and im getting more excited and anxious by the day.



Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and pms of advice on attacking the exam.



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Have about 5-10 hours of tours for friends and family to do, specifically for those donating for my CPLRW (or 'real' licence if you will)


Funny though i read all these peoples blogs and they talk about barely getting it done and I had it complete in 70 minutes and went over it twice and was out the door in 100, i suppose that every test is different though.


Anyone in the OK wanting to go for a ride id be glad to take you along... provided youre here within the next 10 days haha.

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Low timers (more specifically no timers)- "Workzone BC" will payout an allowance to eligable candidates. They have a program for 12 week courses to aide with costs that offers $5000.00! I had an appointment with them yesterday and they are just putting through the application for me, if im in ill get $5000 to help with all of my costs while at school. They also are willing to help with endorsements on a different type of program for lowtime pilots if you can prove it will help you get a job.


What they want to see is part of there 4 step plan (kinda long and redundant) but basically if you can prove to them youre worth investing in (what they were hooked on about me was that I have a background in aviation with a ppl and a few years in cadets and have some knowledge about where I want to end up and how to get there.)


You do have to talk to the right person, one of the people told me, after being explained to for about an hour about my situation and how badly i want this, that I should just enter the trades and she can fund that. The next one was the same thing at first but it turns out her husband has a cpl for planes but has never really used it because he has a family... I kinda played on that and explained that the reason now is such a good time to go is because im barely attatched to anyone and am young.


Thanks for the well wishes and I do have a good camera and laptop and internet at my place in creston so you can bet there will be many pictures... mabey even a daily pic haha.


As you can imagine im going at about a million miles an hour at this point haha. My helmet should is being shipped by monday at the latest and should show up in a week or so and my (upgraded) medical should be here next week. Both will be sent out to creston accordingly.


If I survive my sendoff from my friends and my car doesnt explode ill be fine.


Have a good one guys!



So it took some convincing but as it stands pending a stamp I should get some subsidising on my cost of living and Im quite excited about that.

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MMMMMk so if something can go wrong it probably will... woke up this morning to a phone call from workzone- went like this:


"Morning Cole. Shannon from work zone here"

"Hi, good to hear from you"

"So we looked up this program for you and you are completely eligable!"

"Okay, sounds like theres a catch"

"Well, yes... you have to be accepted into the program, which you obviously are, but it cannot have started during the application process."

"So no money"

"Precisely. Im really sorry and I hope you have better luck with provincial student loans."

"So, theres nothing I can do?"

"No thats about it"

"Okay, well thanks for trying and ill let you know if anything changes."

"Thanks, Ill talk to you later."





...........You would be mistaken if you think this stops me in the slightest, Im trying a different angle which ill explain a bit later.





Im not done with this yet, If im 100% eligable im getting that money! (may as well take anything the government will give you.)

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