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Texan Hog Cull

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Well L3,


I checked out some feral hog hunting forums and some of those guys find real success with .220 swift, .22-250, .223, and .224 including FMJs (my bad). Some hunters choose other calibers and lots of handgunners. I don't hunt hogs. They do and I imagine that there is some skill required and reason behind their choices.





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And the award for the lamest rebuttal goes to...... I guess it could be perceived as annoying by someone as dim witted as you when someone posts something that is completely inaccurate or contradictory and has it questioned, maybe it causes them to examine their own thoughts and behaviors and then they become disoriented and confused.


PS feel free to post or start another thread and you can show everyone how you are so much better or is calling someone annoying you best offering?



That's all I got.

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If my crap memory serves me correct the top sniper segment on the miliary channel where they shot from a moving helicopter was won by police snipers using "bolt guns" and the USCG uses a "bolt gun" sniper rifle for high speed boat intervention....so perhaps there is some merit in accuracy over rounds down.


Just a question on the M16, wasn't it designed to have the bullet wobble or tumble to cause more damage when using steel jackets?



the USCG uses the Barret M92 (M107), a semi-automatic .50bmg. at least the boys at met TIX gaurding the shuttle launch had one in their dolphin...


the 5.56nato uses FMJ (as per geneva convention). these are copper jackets. Steel jackets would be rather hard on the bore...


the FMJ doesn;t tumble in flight (untill it decels below the sound barrier, but that's another thread... the round tumbles when it enters an object because the center of gravity (and greatest mass) of the bullet is at the rear, so when it comes in contact with an opposing force it flips (simplified explanation). Unlike a hunting round that is designed to expand, causing a mushroom that moves the CofG to the front of the projectile.

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That's ok, it's being honest with yourself about your capabilities that is most important. Well, what are you going to do with yourself then? You could always be a helicopter pilot i guess........



I'd like to spend my days on the internet trolling for arguments with anonymous people but, my life keeps getting in the way.



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Guest Bullet Remington

Thanks people!! I just loved listening ( reading) about you drivers brow beating and belittling each other about flight scenarios!!! It was very entertaining!


I suppose with the down turn in the flight operations, it was only a matter of time before y 'all wandered into other areas and started beating the crap outa eack other!! LOL


On ocassion, I wondered if I had made the correct decision when I choose to walk away from the business. When I read these kind of posts, I am most assured!! A side benefit is the entertainment value!! Watching a group of mature individuals beat the crap out of each other over an activity they they have never engaged in is absolutely priceless!!!


Now, if I was computer savy enough to throw in a hen cackling it would be even funnier!!


Have a good Christmas...or not! BAH HUMBUG!

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