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Resurgence Of Entry Level Flying Jobs

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Finished my training 5 years ago. Got a job within a couple months like 10 of the 12 or so guys in my class. Today two are flying. Four got some stick time, but only 2 made it a career. If I had not b

Come on, you know you were thinking it too... ha ha ha

It would be a great thing to see Transport stop and punish crooked and abusive operators. How can they when the global situation is the way it is today?   Tom Clancy couldn't write a more complicat

Hmmm. Something tells me Transport Canada will come knocking at their door pretty quick. Pretty thin line on the "volunteering" thing. I remember reading an article a few years back about TC considering donations as operating revenues and fining some "volunteer" stiff-wing pilots for doing pretty much exactly what these guys are proposing. Turns out donations were expected and even had an hourly rate to them.


Got a giggle at the statement that operators want pilots to have turbine hours. Methinks real-world operational experience in any type trumps turbine hours if they're just hovering over cherry trees for hours on end...


Not too sure many growers would be thrilled at the idea of a non-certified helicopter flying low over their expensive trees.


Or maybe it's all good and I'm just a grumpy old fart today...

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The environment around a cherry growing operation is not a good place for a 100 hour pilot with a machine with no power out of ground effect in twilight hours...


What a joke! Nothing pisses me off more than people who take advantage of a individual that want to follow their passion. It's as bad as paying for a PPC to work on the ground. Crooks!

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^ NO. I don't understand why these people keep making websites and ads for their "companies". Really, if you're going to illegally make money with your a/c, for christ sakes don't advertise publicly, morons. I checked their site, they're all robinson heroes now flying a "turbine". Really? Do you think your hours built in that death trap are going to matter for a real gig?


Will somebody just please shut this guy down.

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