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Northern Alberta EMS

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While you MIGHT be accused of a bit of overstatement - Paramedics are EMTs with additional training in pharmaceutics and administering them, and the treatment available in a hospital ER is certainly more comprehensive than you''d get from a truckload of Paramedics (neither of which is against Paramedics - I''m proud of my kid who''s one - just to ''set the record straight'') - thanks for enlightening us about your venture, and the best of luck, too!

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hope you have a **** of a tariff rate or a real good standby fee. seems to be such a restricted market to cover with such an expensive helicopter and equipment.


the patch can be quite a cut throat industry...


best of luck though, will be good for the workers in the feild.2.gif


hey mike you have obviously not heard about the R22's that started shake block logging in southern saskatchewan yet eh?9.gif9.gif9.gif

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Thanks for the inquiry.

We are moving along with the task of organizing a new company. We all know that takes some time and effort. However, we are good to go for mid July out of Manning airport. The 222 is slated to arrive sometime in the first two weeks of July and we have leased an area at Manning AP for a hanger. We have crews and tech support in place. Contracts are in place.


Just to clear up a few misunderstandings. LifeView MedAir Inc. is not out to take work away from existing service providers. It is our intention to augment any current level of service and offer industry, government and communities a level of service not available at this time. Using this service will be at the descrition of those who make these decisions at industry, government etc. levels. The big difference being an all equiped heli-ambulance with paramedics as opposed to a 205 with a emr. The 205 and the emr will still be used by industry, government etc. however, when the situation requires advanced emergency services, LifeView MedAir is available.


Thank you for the interest. I would be happy to answer any other queries anyone may have.


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Collective, you wrote..."something very new to our industry, but then, so was logging with helicopters a few years back....".

Last time I checked, Heli-Logging on the coast started about 1978 with a pair of OKies 214''s, I guess you could call 25 years "a few"???


Interesting comment about "... not out to take work away from existing operators..."

The same thing happened to me "a few" years ago. I''m 1.0 Hrs West of YYC. When STARS started up with their BK117, they came by and told us the same thing. Know what?, they lied, they wanted all of our medical transfers to YYC, ...but luckily for us, it turns out that they''re scared of Mountains and Wx so we gained some back.


I wish you luck in your venture, but don''t feed us any BS, we know you want all of the locals EMS work, that''s what business is all about isn''t it?

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Hello Gents and Ladies,


It''s been a long day and I haven''t had a chance to read the whole post but here is the latest from my old pals at HJI...


VIH lost a contract for the Victoria air ambulance 222 and will be sending two machines to northern Alberta. Helijet will be operating two ambulance equipped S76A machines out of the lower mainland shortly.


Bed time, gotta run....



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Yes, 25 years can bee seen as a long time, or a short time, at that time the level of helli-logging was no where near the level it became over the years..it is a simple reference. Further more, who cares?


Any one who would like additional information regarding our project can P.M. me at any time. For me to respond to dribble such as being accused of B.S.''ing is time waisted.

Thank You




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