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The Worlds Oldest Helicopter Pilot?

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This season I had the supreme pleasure of driving in the company of Captain Jock Mackay. A living legend in my book.

Commercially flying a Jetranger at 72 on fires...

Perhaps I will be able to afford a 'retirement' after all :huh:


Anyone know of a similar aged person flying commercially? Apart from John Schutz in TO of course.

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Low blow from 204B Driver :up: I'm not old, I just look and feel old. Still have well over a year left of the "4's", but I'm betting that the candles on your birthday cake could start a 3 alarm blaze :D


Yes, Grover is getting up there, probably near 62-63 if I recall, but still the best in the business. Every Recurrent / PPC ride with him is a great learning experience and a pleasure. Barker is still a young fellow, about 3 years behind WG.


I remember a lot of great flights and jobs with the old legends like ..


Bill Foote

Evan Cameron

Nick Bloomfield, AKA Krusty

Jim Davies


Our very own Caaviation poster, CAP !



and I was fortunate to meet and/or work with...

Tom Gurr

Don Mackenzie

Mike McDonnaugh

Maynard Bergh

Rolfe Ganong

Egan Agar

Fred Baird

Barney Bent


and the ultimate legend


Bud Tillotson !

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