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Ok what are your thought's on this.... is this the start of the lack of pilots???

As a newbee should I be happy someone is going to help pay for a Helicopter license?? the way I look at it do you pay $50k and make no $$$ for 3-4 years or do something like this and not get paid for 2 years and come out with a hand full of hours???


Date:10 January 2006

Position:Helicopter Instructor Opportunity

Company Name:GFT Aerospace Technologies

Contact Person:Gord Butt

Street Address:PO Box 355




Email address: gord@gft.ca

Send Resume By:Fax,Mail,Email

Aircraft Types:300CB


Job Description:

GFT Aerospace Technologies is offering you the opportunity of a

lifetime. GFT is searching for a candidate to train to become a Helicopter

Pilot and Instructor. GFT will send the successful candidate to a

Helicopter School to acquire a Commercial Helicopter Licence and Instructor

Rating on a cost shared basis.


Once complete it is anticipated you will be provided with gainful

employment. Upon reaching a predetermined level of experience you will be

expected to return to GFT to work as a Helicopter Instructor for a

minimum of two years with the possibility of an extension.


The successful candidate must demonstrate a passion for flying and the

aviation industry. You are an individual with a great work ethic,

professional in appearance and demeanor. Great organizational and time

management skills are a must. You must have a flexible schedule and have

great interpersonal skills. Previous aviation and teaching experience

is an asset but not required.


If you want a career in this industry as a Helicopter Instructor this

opportunity is for you.


Please put Helicopter Position in the subject line of your email.

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This must be a joke......I'm sure it isn't this difficult to find a candidate to make a flight instructor. I seriously wonder if this is a joke. If not sign me up! I have a commercial license, maintenance training almost complete and I have a little experience working in the industry! But no I seriously wonder if this is real!

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I'd bet the student is made to sign a contract that if they aren't able to return as an instructor in X amount of time they are made to pay for the training in full. Gainfull employment as they put it could mean anything. Sweeping someone's hanger floor is gainfull employment if there is the chance for advancement.


It also says that they expect you to "come back" when you have the time required for Instructor Training. So they aren't saying they'll get you a job with them, or that the job you do get will even be a flying position. Doubt there is a company out there who'll take the time/money to train a low time pilot, knowing that pilot has plans to walk out after getting 250 hours under his/her belt.


The whole pitch has been very carefully worded. Very fishy. <_<

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