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L3 Vs Ba

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one also has to wonder about a little competition, one could be pushing a little harder thinking it's a race, the other could care less.


I had seen that happen recently with a sh*tbox honda with a loud fartcan, thinking he was way cooler because he would leave the lambo at the lights in NF's.....I'm guessing the lambo driver had more personal restraint and wasn't falling for the temptation

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Yes, we were outbound to that 1968 Cessna 320 crash. My customers stumbled across it when they were out climbing.


Fact, both aircraft were outfitted identical, just a ski basket( although the 407's was actually about 50% larger), no cargo pods, no night-suns, no pop-outs.


Fact, the 407 had more people on board. 4 vs 3, fuel quantity was 1.0 in the 407, and given his ferry flight from YKA, I'd assume the B3 was the same. ( 2.5 +/- full fuel less the 1.5 enroute)


Fact, there was NO race, I was on a charter, so I pulled to the top of the green on MGT, 725c, just like any other charter, no more no less. probably about 80%Q.

After all, remember I AM MGT LIMITED :D


Fenstrom, I don't cruise in the yellow, Do you?


Fact, He was being LED out there, so had a very good reason to keep up.


Face it 350 boys, you fly slow aircraft :P:P




I was surprized, as I fully expected the superior B3 to be idling along side me all the way :D

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bubba, i find your new avatar to be somewhat intimidating and hostile.....could you change it to something that doesn't instill fear in those who wish to enter a discussion of sorts.....


I believe Rosco....yours fits the same description as well.


We're a helicopter forum, not part of the NRA are we??? (I never saw any advertising from them yet)

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So much for the original thread about L3 Vs Ba!


Good old 407D, you are such a "Bell man", you should actually get some kind of compensation from Bell for your PR efforts!


I hear you are fitter than ever. Good for you! Ready for some indoor soccer this winter?

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You're a complete Bell man too PIC :up: I'm surprised that a good french-canadian boy like you doesn't fly them french aircraft ? pourquoi est ce


407 Driver, would you be refering to A-stars from France? (Nice helicopters) Careful though, some of those Qubecoise hate the French... :huh:

But wait, maybe you were refering to Bell's helicopters (Nice helicopters) that are assembled in Mirabel, Quebec?.... :huh:


I have to say, as an unbiased (Eurocopter vs Bell) gonna-be pilot, I've loved reading this thread. It's so much fun to watch you guys argue back and forth about which is the superior helicopter. That reminds me, where has PerfectTrack gotten to these days?

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