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Dominion-pegasus Helicopters Pilots And Engineers

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I had an engineer instructor at canadore in 72 by the name of rod crosley..think he had come from dominion city....also a driver from my home town of walkerton was from dom/peg ...name was either doug or al Mcarty...he had an apprentise on the 204 by the name..hue macintire....the cobwebs are pretty dusty back in there.... :up:...last time I saw shultzey was pickle lake...early 90's sitting in the winston hotel with my good buddy ray gilstorf....

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Joined Dominion in fall 71. Saw it become Dom-Peg , then Okie. Most of it in 7-Iles. Was there with Elvis & some others on this forum, but old age is setting in.Left in 76 for Coast Guard until 79.With Ont Hydro 79-2000. At ECL ever since. Just building 1:1 full scale flying models now. My brother was also in 7-Iles & l is in his 30 plus years with Cdn Int'l

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I was looking through "Just Converstion" and saw an item on TransQuebec Helicopters and it got me to thinking about Dom-Peg people. I wonder is anyone knows names and what these folks are doing now. I'll throw out a few names to start with--John Rowe, John Gould, Buck Spears, and Randy Brading. Anyone else with some names and whereabouts. I started with them in the early seventies.
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I worked for Pegasus Helicopters in the early 70’s. Took my training in

Oakville. Steve Power and I completed our training together. Mel Barton and I

Flew the Navajo CF-FGL together. I spoke with Mel a few years ago but have lost contact. Many memories.

Zotique Lemieux retired from Quebec Government three years ago.

I met Roy Bears in Cornwall last year while attending a TSB workshop

He is living in Halifax and works with the TSB. AB Johnston is living in Campbell River BC. I am not sure if you recognize any of these names.

Marc Allain

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I've lost touch with a number of the Dom-Peg guys over the years. Worked with a bunch when I was Great Lakes from 74 - 78. In 74 George Gregg was DOM and Ben Ben took over, both are retired now. Wes Hopper took over from Ben Ben before going to Hydro and he also is retired. John Hards took over as DOM before the ship sank in "78" and he is at Heli Transport.


I worked with the likes of Ron Boyd, Angus McDougall, Eddie Porco, Wolfgang Zlotos, Brian Merril, Brian Bates, Mel Barton, Gerry Evans in stores, Doug Bogner, Doug Bemish, Al Biggerstaff, John Celmer, Don McDonald, Jimmy Britton, Mike Lawry (he has been in the US for years), Shultzy, Annabell Hoyt etc. Dini Petti was flying the pink dink 269 traffic helicopter doing left hand circuits around Toronto. Haven't seen Mel Barton in years, he was flying one of Toronto Helicopters 206B III's offshore in Lake Erie in 1980. Worked under Peter Kortison at Toronto Helicopters for a few years in the early 80's, he was the DOM.


I know where a few are today, sad to say a few have passed on. Half of GLH from 74-78 was made up of ex-DP engineers and pilots. Those DP folks that did not work at GLH would often pass through the hanger and take part in an old fashion BS session. We also had a few from TransQuebec that joined GLH in the mid 70's. We had a great group and it made the 6 and 2 rotations more enjoyable, thats 6 months out and 2 days off, if you were lucky to get the 2 days off back then.


Hey Potsy, JW did take his training at DP in 72 before heading off to TCPL.



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Guest graunch1

Last I heard Mel Barton was retired and living in Cochrane. I worked with him at Dome Petroleum in th eearly 80s before he started his "Formal" Airline Career :up:

I think the last job he had was flying a DC 10 from India to Europe.


I also knew some of the DomPeg guys in Inuvik in 1973-74 but can't remeber their names. One was flying the 205 and the 206 at the time.

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