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What Bird Would You Like To See More...

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transport canada doesn't like alot of things, but why does the rest of the world accept them? I believe we could find the answer to world hunger before we ever figure that one out.

I guess its kinda nice to run down to your local bike shop or canadian tire for replacement critical control cables what were they thinking :down: :down: :shock:

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in your dreams stabby bar. I know you're just joking, but really don't dumb it down to Bell levels.


All of my points about this topic, although seem biased towards euro products, they are related to the whole idea of seeing new helicopters in Canada. you won't very often see many new helicopters enter canada when you see the walls TC builds to cover their own agenda.


How long was the Agusta certification? How long was the Kamov certification? I don't think either of them were expedited. We saw how fast the Mil made it in, but under special circumstances clearly. We know the TC offices are filled with lots of Bell background people, is there a connection perhaps? A big giant conspiracy? Who knows. all I know is that when the bar is set high to be a hinderence to your business, then you have a long road ahead and good luck to you.

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Any news on the 427 orphans operating in Canada ? , will they be replaced by 429 ( at no charge ). I recall when the BK117 was certified the collective handle had to be redesigned coz the TC check pilot was on the large size and it cought on his overly large buttocks. Other changes were to increase flow on the heater/ defrost and low temp seals on the rotor head which both made sense for the Canajun climate.

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Just heard that 2 AS365 are heading towards Quebec to replace the Agusta in EMS mission with Air MEdic. They're actually on the boat right now departing from Sweden.

We'll finally have Dauphin in Canada. The responsible told me that they might have a third one in 2007.



Slowly but surely we'll diversity....

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