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Cheap A/c For Hire


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212dude seems to be in one corner. I will not imply, nor do I have facts that he works for a particular company. Nor will I imply that he may have a bald head, an earing and a bad attitude, dude.


the Duke





Sorry Duke... but I am not in any corner...


And as far as your implications, I have worked short term (contract) for several operators in the past year and am currently taking my annual winter break (we contract guys can afford that luxury). I have a full head of hair (surprising for a guy with over 30 years in this business), have no piercings, and actually have a very positive attitude... dude.


There are others who have posted as I have, regarding the freedom to bid on contracts, whether high or low, that is the choice of the particular bidder... they, like me, have seen the cycles over the years (81/82 is especially memorable) so it comes as no surprise to us that companies respond this way.


Now Duke... I shall retire to my corner... Have a nice evening



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Hey guys (and girls)

I've only been in this industry for about 6.5 years but I know that lowballing rates has been a big problem with this industry. I think it hurts everybody when rates are too low. Sometimes safety takes a back seat when the rates are in the dump (not always though).

In this particular bid I think the bids are way too low.

I'm just a pilot though!

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Medium portion of the contract was canceled.


I saw the paper on this contract AFS will give 72 hr notice for positioning of the AC Fuel is Supplied by AFS Rooms and Meals (IE Per diem) is paid for by AFS


I think you boys should go back to work I am tired of playing.So I guess it is time to take a break and pass on some advise that was given a long time ago.






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I think AME206350 should drink a big tall foaming glass of shut the #@!$ up! and maybe take some happy pills or whatever, do you work or just stare at vertical forums all day? If you are over in Whistler why do you even care?



....of course that is just what I think, I am looking forward to flying for the beetle again this winter, lots and lots of hours!



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Stab Bar- you must be my long lost twin. You took all the words out of my mouth. These companies are definitely in desparation mode and will soon go the way of the dodo bird- just like NMH. By the way, without mentioning names, we have had a tremendous fuel theft problem here in northern BC. We have actually now had a company install motion activated cameras at one fuel site that has seen the greatest amount of theft. This will put a huge crinkle in a particularly famous company's plan which usually involves stealing everyone elses fuel. Cheers.



Good luck with the CSI! nothing like the element of surprise announcing it here!!!!


The cost of sealed drum fuel into an Astar in the bush can be as much as $500/hr. A pretty good profit margin for would be offenders.


Having said that, most of us have had to "borrow" a drum or two, in a pinch or by mistake, with full intentions of making the appropriate personnel aware. Inevitably, transient staff or whomever, move on to the next contract or job and nothing is done. No excuse but it happens. Their used to be a pretty good understanding between operators, on borrowing each others' fuel, and paying it back.


To be successful in a conviction, theft will have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that they did not intentd to "pay back" the fuel.


Don't count out stolen JET fuel going into diesel trucks either, cut with oil , I hear it works just fine.



Low ball bids are here to stay in any saturated market. Flying is like a drug, some people will do almost anything to get that fix!



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I don't think he has to prove the person who borrowed it doesn't intend to return it. If you rob a bank you can't give them some bulls*hit excuse like you planned to give it back eventually.


A bit different than robbing a bank, but be sure the excuse will be tried, no matter how stupid it sounds.


We could end all trust between operators, which in my opinion, is a bigger tragedy than missing drums.



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