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53 minutes ago, Pool pilot said:

It is 100% your choice to get the jab or not. Those of us who have gotten the jab will not miss those of you who choose not too.

Because, you all will be on this forum whining about all the things you are not allowed to do anymore.  And you will be screaming it is your right that has been taken away. But when you finally realize it was your choice to not get the jab and then realize the rest of the world doesn't want to be near you because it is our right to protect ourselves from this virus. 

This will be one of the few places you will be allowed to be and of course the hospital. 

Someone said they were in the hospital and no one was around..... well unlike the Netflix shows you have and WILL be watching Doctors and Nurses don't hang around the lobby or the visitors area.... they are in the ICU looking after your friends. 

Also.... just how do you plan on getting something to eat after October 24th in BC if you are still able to have a job in this industry where we work away from home or better yet..... where will you be sleeping.... because the servers also have the right to refuse service.... remember no shirt no shoes no service.... well now you can add no vaccine to the no service list.

But wait.... one of your anti-vaxxers friends has the right idea or mentality.... just listen to the news.... in Port Alberni BC... he was refused service so he whips out his private part and urinates on the counter.....now that is a anti vaxxer I want to be compared with........ NOT.

This could be a big break for the world though......think about it.... this could be when the gene pool actually wipes out some of the stupidity in this world...... and urinating on a counter does fall under stupid in my world.

So I will toast a toast to all the anti-vaxxers as I sit on beach in Mexico (or anywhere else I choose to go and you cannot)

I heard you cannot get travel insurance without the vaccine.... (This is where you say.... I don't buy the insurance anyway).... again gene pool gambling.

Good luck........ let the whining begin.

Truth be told...you sound rather expendable anyway.

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Hi GrayHorizons,   I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she sees the other side of cancer as a survivor.  I agree with everything in your post but I would add one thing. Should y

Has anyone spitting MSM talking points here bothered to look at data from countries ahead of us in the vaccination? Seems like a common sense thing to do, no? Israel, UK, Iceland, state of Hawaii

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On 8/29/2021 at 8:39 PM, Lunchbox said:

People don't realize how much our health-care system is screwed because of covid cases taking up spaces in ICUs. Nurses are quitting. They were under-staffed with a high burnout-rate before all this, and they're working under stupid conditions now. How many of us here would be willing to work (long-term) with no vacations/holidays and forced OT, all for something that is largely avoidable. Most provinces have had those emergency measures at some point. Alberta just went back to that because of rising hospitalizations and lack of staff. Some US states with low rates of vaccination are seeing ICUs over-flowing and eating into ER space. Your chances of secondary effects from the vaccine are lower than serious issues if you get covid. And what happens if you get into a serious accident or major health issue? Sorry, ICU/ER is full, so I guess it's tough luck for you?

How much are we willing to f**k the health-care system and increase our taxes to pay for fixing the mess?

Hospitals are not, and never have been overrun!!!    Remember, the World Health Organization declaired the Pandemic.  Who owns  the WHO .....Bill Gates and George Soros. Do you trust what Bill Gates says? 

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17 minutes ago, Longline said:

Hospitals are not, and never have been overrun!!!    Remember, the World Health Organization declaired the Pandemic.  Who owns  the WHO .....Bill Gates and George Soros. Do you trust what Bill Gates says? 

I actually beg to differ. As I also work in EMS on my time off, I have seen first hand the extra burden placed on local hospitals from this.  With the lack of nurses, doctors, and paramedics in this province, it doesn't take much to overwhelm the medical system. 


But are entitled to our own opinions. 

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2 hours ago, Longline said:

The flu and colds did not go anywhere....they're just called Covid 19.

it is quite possible.

i'm sure there have been numerous mislabelled causes of death as well. But thats not something I can argue, i am not a doctor or a coroner with a medical background to question causes of death on the certificates or diagnosis of sickness'. Out of my lane to be honest. 




As for the division of the people in Canada that we once got along with, friends, family and co-workers, its a sad state of affairs how we all look at going for the throat of everyone around us we don't agree with. we used to only argue about which companies had the best equipment, now we wish death upon those who make choices about their own health. 

I do get the flu shot as well. Regularly since mid 1990's. Only once or twice have managed to get the flu even with the shot. With the amount of flu strains out there, i get it that i might get a strain the shot didn't protect me for.

I haven't had a cold nor the flu since before this pandemic. I can assume that my heightened awareness about cleanliness in public has helped achieve this feat. I used to get two to three colds a year. 

I'll go with the medically proven measures are more safe and reliable than luck though. 



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5 hours ago, Longline said:

Hospitals are not, and never have been overrun!!!    Remember, the World Health Organization declaired the Pandemic.  Who owns  the WHO .....Bill Gates and George Soros. Do you trust what Bill Gates says? 

Tell me you've got a highschool education without telling me you've got a highschool education. 

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