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:( Gmach.....are you contract with your own incorporated company? or are you full time and or part time? If you are either of the latter, you will certainly have a leg to stand on if they make any unauthorized payroll deductions. If you are a contractor submitting a bill for services rendered, it would have to be settled in a small claims court (depending on amount), if it ever came down to a dispute. It is disheartening to hear about that kind of situation arising from what is obviously a sleazbag operator....what ever happened to a "gentlemen's agreement", integrity and ones word, "used" to work just fine..... :unsure:
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I agree with Duece - Tell them to go to ****! - and a daily rate is a daily rate.

Unpaid standbye is called unemployed where I come from.

You may not be flying but you are being taken for a ride.

I was on contract to fly C-GCOM and would submit a bill for flight services, although I am not incorporated. I have decided (using the same criteria as he has) that all the time I was "on call" is billable and have sent the company in question a bill for my "on-call services" since May.

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Gmach, hate to hear of the deceiptful practices of some companies :down: i hope you put a payment terms on the bill (ie due upon receicpt, net 10, net 30 etc...) as you need to establish a time line for payment. I'm currently in a simular situation with a company for NOT providing the service in question. :down:

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