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100hr Wonders

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it is a great job and lifestyle, sometimes it sure does feel like work too. i could think of many other things i would love to do, like fenestron and elvis said ' those things don't pay as well' so i do this and am happy when i have to go to work. i was a 100 hr in bob quinn when it was just a few jetrangers and 500's buzzing around. i was stoked then, it would have been awesome to be up there on the ground when the biggest heavy lift op was going on. if the culls didn't get hired the cream could never rise to the top. good luck all and have fun.


That is the truth! :punk: BobQuinn is a great place, just dont forget the rain coat and bug spray! :blink:

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Guest who's yer daddy



Is your company paying the "wonders" overtime after 8 hrs a day or 40 hrs a week?


Your 100 hour guy might just be smarter than your company when it comes to the labour code, rules and regulations.


Pay him overtime and he just might be willing to go past 8 or work the weekend.


I would think it is the employer who has a bad attitude if they expect to work people 70 to 80 hours a week and not reimburse them for it.


Don't blame the wonders for looking after themselves, cause a heli company would never do that now would they? Put the company first over its employees - never.


Remember there are 3 sides to every story.

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I have no problem with lowtime guys working as ground crew until a spot comes open. Great experience and they learn a lot. This provided.of course, that there is actually an reasonable expectation of "moving up". Using the promise of a flying job as a carrot to get cheap labour is a trick only a slimeball of the worst kind would use.

If however they find an opening someplace else where they can fly they should be congratulated, wished all the best and waved a fond farewell.

What I not understand is people who abuse them with long hours and "crappy jobs"unrelated in any way to flying. This is a helicopter business and not some College Frat hazing!

No I don't think painting the boss's house is a legitimate "paying your dues" job. Do you see new, inexperienced office people doing it? No! So why should new, inexperienced field crew do it?



On the other hand I think all accountants should spend one tour a year in the worst hole we can find for them.


Thank you for this opportunity to vent!

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hey who's your mommy,

dont go and tell me what my company gives guys and if they pay over time and after 8hrs, do you get payed for working over 8hrs a day. dand I dont get over time, hmm, Our company payes the 100hrs guys what they are worth and that is a low time 100hr guy or gal, they have meals payed for lodging and miles travel in there own cars, they may not have a the highest hourly rate for a pilot without much expierence but they just dont seem to get it, that a guy needs to build up that flight time, put in some effort and be able to cancel those plans he or she had to go flying, in stead of whining and only having 200 hrs wanting the weekend off. we all put in our extra effort to get to where we are.

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I think that if you don't love what you do.. You shouldn't{/B] be doing it. It shouldn't even be concidered work to you. I know when I start my training and get my first job - It won't be work.


That may be one of the reasons why people complain about not flying at first. Because they want to be getting as much as the $$$$ as possible and to do that in this industry is to fly. However thinking like that will get you no where.


If some of these low timers got into the industry for the money, mabye they should of picked a different career path, theres no money for a long time if your a low timer.



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Theres a pretty definative line between wanting a weekend off and not getting paid for any overtime. Dont get me wrong im prepared to go the distance and then some to throw some meat into my logbook and personally dont give a **** about days off and how theyre in order (my current arrangement has one day off for june between both companies averaging 67 hours a week).


But to me, its all worth it. every last minute spent in the hangar working to earn my respect will pay off. That being said I will not work for free, and I reserve my right to refuse overtime if i feel im overworked to the point that continueing to work would put someone into a dangerous position. Bear in mind, thats the only time i will envoke said right, I intend to be the first in and last out as it were.


I think theres some very valid arguments for both sides on this thread but it really seems like the attitudes of some people perhaps dont reflect what they should. This could be because they have been lied to in training, but honestly, where does one draw the line of responsibility for knowing whats ahead. Do you buy a car not knowing a thing about it?


This discussion was brought up in a counsellors office the other day when someone suggested helicopter pilot as a career path for a few guys asking about how to make money fast. I kinda shook my head and listened for a bit as the counsellor told them what the folder said "A first year pilot can make upwards of $90,000 a year" ahhhhh okaaaaay in what world? they were then handed panflets for that school on the island, you know the 3 year 4000$ program?


Thanks for the rant space.



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Well here goes....all very good comments and complaints..especially from sharkbait and cole...I do think that new guys should be willing to work as gofors but for how long and for how much..well that is up to the individual...some want to get flying and nothing is going to stop them..even the bull@% that some companies pull and we all know who they are..ie..painting the bosses house,working on the FARM...ya we know who they are and how they got there...and most of us do not work for these people at least I won't even though I know guys that say they are great to work for...well it works both ways...you screw over the new guys coming in,why would I ever tell anybody that they are reputable..they threw that out years ago...on the other hand how long are newbees going to have to sit on the side lines waiting..well as said that is up to the individual....I went to work as a gofor...out of canadore back in the early 70,s and as a canadore grad working out west you were one step up from trash...you did not pay one of the factories pumping out pilots so at the time getting a job flying was next to impossible...very few of my fellow classmates actually got a job flying...some did...right out of school into the drivers seat...some made it...some died...most gave up on the industry...four of us were hired out in calgary...we all did the usually bull@it and the only thanks we got was more work on weekends for nothing...after seven months with very little stick time we all deciced to pull the pin at the same time and so we did....all four of us went on for greener pastures and all ended up flying...myself and two others are still at it..we met at the canadore reunion five years ago..had a blast B)

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Guest who's yer daddy

DGP, there's nothing wrong being from coconut college. Like they say the best in the west are from the east.


Which reminds me of a great joke, know why you can't get a BJ in NewFoundland?




Well parched desert growth,


If your not getting paid overtime your getting screwed. I am paid time off in lue of a direct overtime payment. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off - still getting paid. The hours that I work during my two weeks on average out over my two weeks off. I get paid for the whole month.


If you are a pilot then you fall under the federal labour code and averaging. If you are a wonder and are not being paid to fly then you fall under your provincial labour code and labour laws. Which entitles you to OT after 8 or 40 per week. Not my law, your provincial law.


Do you also know that if you work a stat your flight pay is to be calculated at time and a half as well. So you fly 4 you should get paid for six! Depending on where you work and what province your company is based out of.


Cleaning hanger floors, hooking up sling loads, washing helicopters is labour not flying! Whether you are on an hourly rate, daily rate, monthly wage or annual salary they are based on 40 hrs per week. Anything over that qualifies for overtime regardless of pay procedures. And regardless of any meal, lodging and mileage allowance provided.


If you don't believe me google the labour codes of Canada and your province.


The wonders have the right to shut her down after 8 or 40 if they are not getting paid! Do you work for free? It has nothing to do with a good or bad attutude. I know a handfull of past helicopter crews that have taken their employer to court over this exact problem. Even the largest helicopter company in the world will settle out of court on this topic!


So the only question left my water conserving reservior friend is, you wanna be the mommy or the daddy?

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who's your daddy,

I think you missed my whole point, my point was and is there are alot of bad attitudes out there, and believe me I have come across them and so has my chief pilot who is very well know in the industry and knows what it takes to run a good operation.

I can't speak for the companies out there that take advantage of these people.

I was taken advantage of as a 100 hr guy and worked my tail off, and let me tell you, I should have went to the labour board at some point. I don't know what the answer is.

I just feel that some of the newbies expect a little to much to startrt off.

we all wish we could come right out of school and jump into that first job and do what we paid to do.

But the reality is the helicopter industry doesn't work that way and it will never change.

Yes I wish it would also.

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