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Per Diems 2019


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OK, I am trying to argue new rates of Per Diems, but seem to run against a wall of "they are generous enough,,,"

Any of you fine chaps and chapesses willing to cough up what is the going rate these days?

I have had $46 ( 6 years ago), $52 2 years ago, and currently at less than those.

Any inuts and arguments are welcomed, even in private. So post here to share, or send a PM so I can do a "survey" to convince the guy in charge we deserve and need more...



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6 hours ago, shakey said:

What an industry. 

Yup, last time I got a per diem in Canada was in 1993, and it was $46.00 / day, $50.00 / day in the NWT, and then I went offshore IFR, to where we were treated like GODS!

Glad I moved on and have never looked back!

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