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What Does Your Licence Read?

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ya...i got all them numbers as well as a:


philippine atpl and a qatar atpl


i had to stop using my passport at the land border crossings because i had so much arabic in there that alarms went off!! :shock: :punk: :punk: :shock:


true story:


customs officer: "where in the world is DOHA????"


me: "persian gulf."


customs: "what were you doing there?"


me: "i'm sorry sir, but that's classified."


customs: "i see, you can go through, have a good day"


me: "thank you, you too."


:punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk:

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I had just about the same thing happen to me.


Spotting Iranian stamps in passport - US Immigration officer: "You have been to an 'area of interest'!"


Me: "I found it quite boring actually."


Immigation officer slowly raises one eyebrow to a great height: " Have a nice stay."


Me: "Thank You."


I like your line a lot better. LOL :up:


They must hear some funny replies to their questions.

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What the heck, I'm just sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee. Put up the Christmas lights yesterday, 92F and windy, this morning, 34F and calling for snow by Wed.

CPL, 1989 BH47, R22, BH06, AS350, B212, SK76, ATP,AME, all Transport Canada

UAE ATP, B212, B412,

FAA ATP, BH06, B407 T.T 6000

God I have been busy

Today's job just flying an old 206L-3 nothing fancy, EMS, making $60,000 per year US and home every night. Seems like I've come full circle.

Fly safe Brothers and Sisters


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EH28, BH06, BH04, BH12, S350, HU50, KA32, Shopping Cart off the pier in Prince Rupert once, Garbage Dumpster at 20 km/h in Spain (thanks Hogie... I still remember the Guardia Civil guys shaking their fingers at us and saying "No containeros! NO containeros!"... what were they getting at?).


About 6200 hrs... not counting the carts, dumpsters, etc


Rainman, didn't you get the 212 too?

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