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The Truth About Brian Jenner's Dismissal

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3) I beleive that confiscating the aircraft goes against the charter of rights that stipulates that evryone is entitled to equal treatment under the law. Confiscating an aircraft is in my opinion outrageous over kill for an offence of that nature.



Whether you believe it is unfair or not is of little worth. If that is the law, (procedure, MO, or whatever) then he looses his helicopter.


I have been at my present employer for 10 years, and have nothing but the highest regard for him and his operation. BUT, if he is breaking the law, operating outside the "norm" and gets caught, he is on his own.


No matter what I (or you) think is right or wrong, (and that seems to be the big issue here with Mr Jenner), if you get caught, you face the cost, whatever it might be.


If that is not clear, you are not needed as a leader anymore...

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Huh ?


Since when have we, humble pilots and engineers, had a vote in what this industry does ? You need to convince owners, not us.


Funny how HAC is in dissarray just as HEPAC is gaining ground and credibility.


I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the upcoming HAC convention...


Just curious, is HEPAC gaining ground? Beyond A few people who attach their logo along with their posts, I'm still asking who & what exactly is HEPAC? I've asked before but still have not received a clear answer.


And Skidz, after all your "read the forum rules....." warnings, to just about everyone on this site don't you think you're just a little off side on this one. Exactly who's interest's are you promoting now, Mr. Moderator?

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Guest Bullet Remington
Hey!!! we're getting off topic here!! Let's get back to the original post. Some guy trying to justify that breaking the law is OK if you are trying to defend your friends!!


Firstly, I 've read the whole ""tale of the tape"as posted here. Iwant to state very clearly that A ) I don't know Brian Jenner, never met him, never seen a photo of him B ) I'm NEITHER condemning nor condoning his actions, whether real or percived.


Having said that, I'd be curious to know just how many people who post their opinons and judgements on here actually know the man?? I don't mean as in dealing with him on the phone"(I've never talked to the man, personally) , I mean know him as in worked with him?? I doubt as many as have posted herein.


Quite frankly, I find the majority of the posting rather hyprocritical. Especially after having been in this racket for the time I have! I have visted the homes of mega pilot's and engineers and have partook (if that's a word) of some rather enjoyable meals of fresh caribou, moose and deer meat, all procured out of season and all obtained in the öff season".


So what we are alluding is that we are all beyond reproach and have a right to pass judgement on individual, based upon sketchy and partial information?? That is laughable that we would be so "Holier then thou"!


Did Brian jenner deserve this subsequent dismissal? I don't know! Do he deserve the trashing he's getting here? Again, i don't know. In that i don't know who has actually worked with him, i'm assuming that some of the posters have dealt with him in some manner? if such is the case, being vindictive on this forum without posting you correct name is, from my perspective, a chicken shyte exercise!


As far as brian's loyality to his friend, I believe that is commendable. Real friends are hard to find, standing up for a friend, even when you know it will cause you grief, is something one cannot buy! And that's IS a commendable trait to have. Does necessarily mean its right, but it is a sign of true friendship.


IOh, and Split, the reason attached your post is because i don't see it the same way you do! I don't see it as "Trying to justify breaking the law,,, defending your friend"i seee it as explaining one's position.


Maybe my position is the way it is is because I've served a 'few evening"courtesy of Her Majesty, for defending my friend. He would have and has done the same for me!


I respect anybody that supports a friend. I don't have alot of time for people that drop and run with the feces hit the fan, or shakes their head and points when "áuthoriy"figures are looking for someone to blame!


As for seizure of the machine, that can be contested under the Charter of Right and Freedoms. As can any vehicle/tool used to provide the essentials of life!


But Hey, maybe it's just me!! <_<

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