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Flight Time Vs. Air Time Personal Logbook

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Now that's funny right there!!

I just noticed that there's 23 pages talking about this always seemed straight forward to me. What I charge the guy (gen on to gen off) and what I put in the AC log book( the time the AC is actualy in the air) Who gives a #### what you put in your personal log book. I guess unless your the mines bigger type!

There is one aspect that you have failed to mention...which figure do you use to calculate your flight time limits as required by CARs?


1)The figure that you use to bill the customer (gen on to gen off)- which,btw is not flight time in Canada (according to director of standards)


2) The figure put in the aircraft log book (air time)


I have had several pilots tell me they use air time and there "billing time" often exceeds the CARs flight time limits (significantly).


Is it ok for a pilot to do 200 hours "billing time" in a 3 week period? Many are doing just that because they believe flight time equals air time for skid equipped helicopters.


The most flight time that the CARs allow for is 150 hours in a 30 day period.

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Funny how so many pilots are eager to trivialize this when discussing personal log books, but no one wants to discuss the "elephant in the room".


It's not surprising since a reduction of a pilots flight time limits could result in a reduction in pay of over 2000.00 per tour.


But why the delay from TC correcting this issue (which they acknowledge exists since January)?


Transport Canada's responsibility is to ensure compliance with the CARs as written and to ensure safety in aviation. Their decision making should have nothing to do with how Pilots get paid.


So what's the hold up? Is there something shady going on here???? I guess Fatigue Risk Management isn't as important as they make it out to be....


I know of a couple of pilots who have quit their jobs after being asked to use air time in their flight times by the operator they work for.


Considering TC also admitted the confusion stems from a statement they placed in our COM's, I guess they bare some responsibility for the position these pilots have found themselves in.

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Time that gets put in the CPR for flight time limits is the billing time. I always seen it as time spent behind the controls is what transport is going to be looking at for pilot limits. Figure in the log book Air Time was always AC/Maintenance related. But i know people/companies that do the 200 rev hours in the 30 day period. If transport wants CARs complied with they should insure its written in plane language so you dont need a lawyer to explain it to you. Or in a way that can't be interpreted in 5 different ways but maybe thats how they cover there ***.

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Hope to get some kind of agreement amoungst everyone from here or a definite response from TC as to what to record and preferably in plain English.


Till then it's Hobbs


You're lucky if you fly a machine with a reliable meter. Personally, I mark time off and time down with MY watch... :lol:

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