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Does anyone still "pack" in their kit?  

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Realisticly, a hand gun does not have alot of 'stopping' power if your talking a 500 lb bear! Handguns are good for about 50 feet, if your a good shot! But if your really stuck on getting one, maybe a .44 magnum!


If your out for bear, its gotta be a 12 guage shotgun, or a rifle!


While treeplanting with Maggie, the 12 guage was always under my pillow, such sweet dreams!......Only if you could do something about them early morning squirals!

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I like the idea of having a lg. cal. handgun strapped to my hip because its always there.....just in case. but if its a polar bear, or a grizz, then a 12 GA with a load of alternating slugs and 00 buckshot is the best choice. a long-gun cannon like a .375 H&H or equivelent is no slouch either. I've been told that the sound or sight of a sled or a 4-wheeler will send a polar bear packin', but they are otherwise not affraid of much that doesn't make noise....including a helicopter parked, or us sleeping in a tent ect.


a polar bear is the largest land carnivoir on the planet....they need to be respected. and they are sneaky like no other animal....they will 'wait' for you to walk around a corner and grab you....even in camp. the NWT biologists and helicopter crew that invited me out for a live capture a few yrs back said they had 7 firearms in the helicopter at all times. Only 7? this was a simple jetbox too. 4 guys but had 7 big guns. even the biggest PETA supporter would have to think twice before playing with those bad-*** bears. When we live capture grizzly bears, they only have 3 guns....go figure?



somebody living in GTA might not understand, but us folk that choose to live north of 60 get the big picture just fine. its not a weapon...its a tool and its survival. hard to argue with that.


There is a website from Alaska that has a full audio clip of a guy being killed by a grizzly....its frightewning to listen to, because a bear doesn't kill you , they eat you until you are dead. Any doubters to the validity of having a gun handy would quickly looe their lunch listening to this guy die, than quickly buy a big gun.

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A 9MM shell is going to do nothing except tickle a 13' 650-700lb polar bear. The person's *** who's using that peashooter,  is going to be grass and the polar bear is going to be the lawnmower.


How would it be for foreigners then? (I mean getting the piece so to speak...)


Anyways, in Spitsbergen, an Island archipelago off of Norway they do guided cruises in the summer. The "Polar/Arctic captain" and his guide went ashore armed with a Ruger Cal .22 and got attacked by a polar bear. The bear charged the one with the gun, so they fire a shot, then toss the gun to the other guy. In the end the SWEDISH Captain got kille/mauled.


The coast guard had to fly in hunters to find the bear and kill it. When they opened the bear, it had over 20 rounds in the head, but all the rounds had only penetrated skin, not done any real harm to the skull.


(I was on the Coast Guard ship)

Gave me more respect for polar bears (as if I did not respect them before?) :up:

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